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 Hello, hey, what's up and YO!

If you have signed up for the Spring Equinox Vidding Exchange (the 90s!) and for some reason haven't checked in yet - maybe think about doing so now? I don't wanna tell you how to live, but like checking in is encouraged. 

Did you forget to sign up for the challenge but now your little 90's Origin Story Heart is weeping?  MAKE A TREAT! Anyone can make a treat! Treats are the best and you know this is true. 

Likewise - if you want to make a vid for Sparkle Motion (fanworks dance party) then you will want to go here and claim your song!  

More fanworks stuff -- if you want to suggest or brainstorm or figure out a panel for one of the gazillion tracks (I'm pretty sold on the video track which I know is a SHOCKER for you all) go here.

If you haven't registered for Fanworks, what are you waiting for?? I WILL BE THERE AND YOU COULD SPEND TIME WITH ME AND I AM A KNOWN SORTA OKAY PERSON!  I'm super excited to see what a fancon is like with this kind of focus and if you are reading this post then you have to interested in at least one of the programming tracks (if you aren't and you still read my posts then my heart is touched but you don't have to keep reading me if I'm boring you. I release you). Go register here! Tell me if you are coming 

Fic Book Club is also happening at Fanworks and I attend a local fanfic book club every month and honestly -- I seriously recommend everyone incorporating this into their own lives as it has been A True Fun. Anyway,  go here to participate and make suggestions and learn more about it. 

Oh - Vidding Bingo Cards are still a thing and if you don't have your card and want one - you can get one there is no deadline and it's all very low-key and go have fun oriented and so I'm stoked. I like easygoing fun oriented things. I'm just weird that way. 

What am I forgetting about? What am I missing? Who is excited about something and what is it? Let's talk in the comments

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 Vid Big Bang is over and posted and now I am at a sort of loss - I have a ton of vids I wanted to be making while we were working on Live Through This, but of course as soon as we finished it last week I entered a period of staring at premiere and wasting time trying to make a silk purse out of a shitty vob’s ear. I have an Equinox Assignment but nothing really pushing me to vid like I wanted to be vidding. 

And a week might not not seem like a long time to just sit but I’m not in input mode - I am in a creative spiral and not creating while in that headspace is extremely frustrating. 

But I’m fixed - I have my bingo card and if I want to go for a blackout it’s gonna require sooooo many vids - like all that I can possibly make. Can I make more than 20 a year? Maybe? Technically I’ve only collaborated on one vid this year but it was also 11 songs so anything is possible. 

What is everyone else working on or not working on or working on not working on? 
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 I'm sort of afraid I have forgotten how to do vid announcements but here goes...

Live Through This: A Supernatural Vid Album by [personal profile] sisabet and [personal profile] sweetestdrain  feat [personal profile] luminosity (who has her own big bang project here that you really should go check out).

Album by Hole
made for [community profile] vidbigbang 

summary: "fuck you, make me real" 

12 vids about the women of Supernatural starting with 2007's Women's Work (Violet) with new material following. 

Please use AO3 post for all links/reblogs 


  1. Women's Work (Violet)   "go on take everything"
  2. Miss World  "I am the girl you know"
  3. Plump  "I'm eating you"
  4. Asking for It  "did she ask you twice"
  5. Jennifer's Body  "my better half has bitten me"
  6. Doll Parts  "I want to be the girl with the most cake"
  7. Credit in the Straight World  "look a dealer in the eye"
  8. Softer, Softest  "you have all the power"
  9. She Walks Over Me   "geeks do not have pedigrees"
  10. I Think that I Would Die  "it's not yours"
  11. Gutless  "come on, try to shut me up"
  12. Rock Star (Olympia)  "do it for the kids"

Content Notes are listed at the bottom of the AO3 post -- please ask if there is something you have a question about. Be aware that there is graphic violence in every single vid but some are just... more than others.

Beta credit at the AO3 post but want to again stress the helpfulness of [personal profile] luminosity who listened and encouraged and scoffed at me when I asked for permission to include Women's Work (IT ISN'T SOLELY MY VID, LUM!) and [personal profile] cherry  who gave us a line by line beta reading that we  honestly haven't experienced in over a decade and I might still be sorta high off of it.  She insisted we were not finished and she was right and she stayed up way late last week and let me babble at her about Mary Winchester until it suddenly made sense and I knew how to get the thing I was thinking but not really able to describe to be unsubtle in the vid.  Which is great because [personal profile] sweetestdrain and I have been working on this since May 2018 (thank god the Vid Big Bang challenge was exactly the kick we needed to put it together and finish). 

Origins:  back in the aughts,  me and Lum made a vid for the Premiere show at Vividcon and Lum named it "Women's Work" and it was based on how women were introduced, framed, and fated during the first 2 seasons of Supernatural.  The song was Violet from Hole's 1994 album "Live Through This" which is my personal favorite from the 90s.  I would like to go on and on about the meaningfulness of having a mainstream album (it was on the radio!) that was unapologetically and graphically female and angry back then.  I had no idea why I was so angry but I was and Live Through This was a relief.  I could scream and curse and just...breathe. 

Flash forward 25 years and now I know why I was and am angry  -- and the album is still intensely cathartic. I'm still not sure that [personal profile] sweetestdrain knew what she was unleashing back in May, or if she did it completely deliberately (it was probably a little of both). We suddenly had an idea that not only felt overdue (every year I get at least 3 comments that Women's Work needs a followup -- way more when Charlie died in season 10 - but at least 3 a year) but also was laid out so clearly that we had to make it.  So we did. 

Imagine I just go into a rage spiral here discussing how Wayward Sisters was NOT picked up and rather than subject you to reading that I can now just shove this 38 and half minute long vid at you and point and say "SEE!" This is really a time saver, is what I am saying. 

I have a lot of thoughts about long form vidding and how we can use it to really dig into ideas (and honestly we have a 14 year old fandom here -- there are things to say), but I think I'll save them for a potential panel/separate post.   

All thoughts, comments and criticism is welcome. 

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I completed a 2018 Vid In Review and purely based on the giddy endorphins of finishing a Text Based Thing I am now undertaking the End of the Year Meme, shamelessly copied from [personal profile] winterevanesce here

My Year In Vids: Part 1 || Part 2


My favorite video this year (of my own):

Buffalo Stance in that I can’t believe I had a part in it. Digital Witness because I’m still not sure how it happened. Finesse because it’s maybe the vid I watch the most (except for She Wolf)

My least favorite video this year:

“I love all of my vids, equally.”

Later that day:

“I don’t care for ‘Stand Back.’”

Most successful video:

No question - “This Is the Song That Never Ends” and the reaction and feedback I get on this gives me life, especially since it was made aimed at an audience of 4.

We are not alone! Other people can join us in suffering and anger. My people.

Video most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

Santa Buddy” - it cracks me up? IDK???

Most fun video:

There is so much competition for this one because I am a Fun Gal from Mt Pilot, but it’s probably Friends In Low Places because of Dean Winchester’s Stupid Perfect Face and shenanigans.

Video with single sexiest moment:

Huh. I mean for me, personally, it would be Dead Jon’s Hot Makeover in Come On Eileen because that’s when He Got Hot, but I wouldn’t say it is my single sexiest moment in a vid. God, IDK

Maybe it’s this:


(I include all the death/resurrections in this bit as “sexy” because I am sick fuck and SPN just points that out to me again and again).

Maybe it’s the entire “Hold the Line” section of This Is the Song That Never Ends because I just can’t with him and like guitar chords and beautiful men falling to their knees in despair while staying on beat really really does it for  me.

Biggest vid fail:

Stand Back - it’s a bummer but I knew I was making a stretch and I went for it and so I can’t regret that it didn’t exactly land

Hardest video to make:

Bright Lights -- I’m especially proud of this part:


2:06-2:26 -- that part where Cas turns around and watches himself go through the door? I MADE THAT and I KNOW HOW I DID IT

The things I've learned this year:

If you want to vid - vid. Don’t dilly dally all over the timeline and fret when you lay a clip even if you know it’s not perfect or in the right place. YOU CAN ALWAYS CHANGE THINGS - the very act of just throwing clips is important because you get momentum.  I lose/change/move almost 70% of what I lay down - but I’m vidding and there is something there and it matters in a very real brain satisfying way.

For 2019:

I doubt it’s possible that I will be more prolific this year - unless Vividcon decides to come back and end at the same time - but I am very interested in the idea of long form vids and higher level concepts than can be communicated in 3 minutes.  I’ve got so projects in progress for Vid Big Bang and ideas are a constant thing.

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I orginally fucked up the formatting on this but I do want to finish things I start (for now) so here is Part 2

2018 Vid In Review Part 1

Video #11 Posted This Year

Title: Digital Witness

Artist: St Vincent

Fandom: Twin Peaks: The Return

Category: It's a thing that exists in the world

Summary: So I stopped sleeping, yeah I stopped sleeping

I was so floored by the entirety of The Return - I can't remember another show that has ever infuriated me and intrigued me and stuck with me and made me think so much. The idea to do the 4-screen was... I have no idea how it came to be a thing in my head - but by the time I started to make it I did know I had 4 major themes that interrelated and I would have to use the split screen. I thought about this video a lot while I was driving. I made this for the final Club Vivid.

Video #12

Title: I Know You

Made With: [personal profile] luminosity

Song: I Know You (Part III)

Artist: Morphine

Fandom: Hannibal; John Wick

Category: Self Portrait

Summary: What happens when two vidders share a brain.

I don’t make self portraits by myself - possibly if I navel-gaze this has something to do with not trusting myself to be honest blah blah blah - ANYWAY the idea behind this video is... um. Let me backtrack: Lum and I often joke about sharing the brane and only one of us can use it at any given time. So for this video, we each picked a source that represented the other person. We didn’t influence each other’s choices as to the source or talk about it much at all. I was to take my source and make a Luminosity Vid with it and she was to do the same with her source but to vid it as me. We passed the timeline back and forth and it was crazy. We had a conversation on the timeline and it was such a wonderful experience - we didn’t plan anything out and we didn’t discuss anything verbally, we just laid down some clips and passed it off and waited to see if the other person picked up what we put down and it was honestly creatively exciting but never ever difficult.

Video #13

Title: Come On Eileen

Artist: Dexys Midnight Runners

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Category: Thirst Study

Summary: Now you're full grown

[personal profile] absolutedestiny realized fairly quickly that if he said "such and such song is about such and such" that I'd have a full draft... maybe a week later? So that happened and he sent me some feedback on the draft that basically said that Jon's Hot Dead Guy Makeover needed to happen on the bridge and he was correct and now this video exists.

Video #14

Title: My Prerogative

Made With: [personal profile] elipie

Artist: Bobby Brown

Fandom: American Vandal

Category: Dick Investigation; Dylan Character Study

Summary: "I didn't do the dicks"

Yeah, so this was the result of Ian saying “'My Prerogative' is about American Vandal” knowing full well that I love Bobby Brown and would not be able to just walk away from an essential truth such as this. Poor elipie got dragged into this and then was subjected to waaaaay more conversations about baby farting than any two reasonable adults should have.

Video #15

Title: She Wolf
Made With:
[personal profile] ghosttownexit

Artist: Shakira

Fandom: Riverdale

Category: Cheryl Blossom is Supreme; Cheryl/Toni; Cheryl/Veronica; Cheryl/Betty; Betty/Veronica; Cheryl/Candelabra

Summary: coming out, coming out, coming out

Watching Riverdale was revelatory. GTE and I agree on key aspects and let us show you what is important about this show.


Have you heard the good news about Cheryl Blossom?

Video #16

Title: Pony
Made With:
[personal profile] ghosttownexit

Artist: Genuwine

Fandom: Westworld

Category: AI Development

Summary: Kill All Humans

GTE came up with this idea one night (pretty sure a lot of bourbon was involved) and oops - he told me. Now we have this video. Please heed the warnings.

Video #17

Title: Heroes

Artist: David Bowie

Fandom: Bates Motel

Category: Norman Bates Character Study

Summary: just for one day

I wanted to work on escalation with this video. I picked this song and version because the vocals become more and more frantic and desperate, so besides being extremely lyrically compatible, it was tonally right. It felt right. I still need to work on my pacing skills but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out AND this video was my first copyright strike on youtube. So that was fun (don't post Bates Motel source on youtube).

This was also a vividprompts vid and I chose Jayne L’s prompt and I’m certain I didn’t do it justice but thanks so much for the idea!

Thus Endeth the Vividcon Vids

Video #18

Title: Night Still Comes

Artist: Neko Case

Fandom: The Leftovers

Category: dual character study of Nora and Erika

Summary: Because you can't hold it

The Leftovers is the most amazing show that...I can't even explain. It's a tough watch but unlike slogs into pure misery like The Walking Dead, it isn't this helpless hopeless thing. That being said, the first season is a very effective study in depression. Interesting story - this was my depression vid. Ok, so that story wasn't as interesting as it was short. This is one of those vids that has an audience of one but since that one is [personal profile] sdwolfpup, it's worth it.

Video #19

Title: Dreams

Artist: Fleetwood Mac

Fandom: Sharp Objects

Category: Camille Preaker character study

Summary: "It's safer to be feared than loved"

I really wanted to explore Camille's survival and what it has cost her and how even by not being Adora's victim, she was damaged and what it means when she allows Adora to "mother" her -- like in a very sad, real and primal way - she wanted her mother even if this is the price. The show did an amazing job with the concept of intrusive trauma memories and please pay attention to the tags regarding vid content

Video #20

Title: Santa Buddy

Artist: Michael Bublé

Fandom: Supernatural

Category: Dean/Castiel

Summary: Just a dude asking his buddy to buy him a bunch of stuff and hurry down the chimney and stuff his stocking. Just guys being pals.


ETA: to add links oops
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Hello fellow kids! Welcome back to my efforts to blog more and do something else less (what should I do less -- that has not yet been determined). Inspired by[personal profile] luminosity  making vid posts -- I WILL ALSO MAKE VID POSTS! And inspired by it being December, I WILL MAKE A YEAR IN REVIEW POST! Yes. It's either that or keep working on my Vid In Progress and I'm at that stage where all I want to do is think about it and work on it but if I see another second of it I will puke.  

ETA:  Part 2 is here

Comments, critique, questions, thoughts and recipes are always appreciated either here, on twitter or at the AO3 posts.  You can get crazy and send me a youtube comment if you want as well -- I get a kick out of those. 

(Content notes are posted on AO3 posts)

Video #1 Posted This Year: 

Title: Patience
Artist: Guns N Roses
Fandom: Supernatural
Category: Dean/Castiel
Summary: Tragic Widow Dean is Tragic

An interesting thing happened in late 2017 and by interesting I mean "may you live in interesting times" interesting - I fell back into the giant trash heap that is DeanCas and Supernatural and since I was raised evangelical,  I decided to proselytize to my closest friends the most effective way I knew how: 

"Have you heard the good news about Tragic Widow Dean?" 

And it worked. HA! You're Welcome. 

Video #2 Posted This Year: 

Title: This is the Song that Never Ends
Artist: Toto
Fandom: Supenatural
Category: Dean/Castiel
Summary: Second verse, same as the first! 

Hey remember that time I made a 30 minute vid to Toto's Africa on repeat? Good times.

Video #3 

Title: The Tragedy of Loki of Asgard
Artist: Queen
Song: Bohemian Rhapsody
Fandom: MCU (pre-Infinity Wars)
Category: Loki character study
Summary: Any way the wind blows

I almost didn't complete this vid after Infinity Wars but like... you can't leave Loki half finished on the timeline. It's like putting Baby in the corner.  Loki is absolutely ridiculous and the MCU's most dedicated Theater Kid and I luff him a lot and I have a lot of feelings about him having a lot of feelings. 

And now it's time for a breakdown: The Vividcon Vids

While the number of works I published  earlier in the year, at first glance,  might seem fairly reasonable and in keeping with recent years output, the end of Vividcon  really did a number on me. Apparently! I've never completed more works in over 15-16 years in fandom and I honestly felt like if I didn't make ALL THE VIDS NOW I never would again.  Like VVC was my ability to vid and if it one goes the other does too? IDK, it wasn't rational but my vids never are. 

Video #4

Title: Friends In Low Places
made with: [personal profile] fan_eunice 
Artist: Garth Brooks
Fandom: Supernatural
Category: Dean Winchester Character Study
Summary: "all your friends are dead"

We originally started this for VVC Karaoke, but then it was cancelled and we had this vid that we both liked a lot because while everyone is dead, there were also so many hugs. And dogs. It was very On Brand for me and Eunice.  ALSO DEAN GETS THE GIANT SLINKY AT THE END BECAUSE THAT BECAME SO VERY IMPORTANT TO US. So this was in the final VVC Premiere show and I feel like at some point a lot of people might have gotten Supernatural fatigue at VVC -there were several SPN vids in the premieres show and I loved them all. And they were all so good and very very different and I got over the guilt because it wasn't like I didn't try to sink every last person into the fandom in one way or the other.  I spent a solid six months making fetch happen. (Also there was Wayward). 
Video #5

Title: Bright Lights
Artist: Gary Clark Jr
Fandom: Supernatural
Category: Castiel Character Study
Summary: Went up a different person, came down somebody else

This is the last vid I will ever send to Vividcon Premieres and it was supposed to be the vid I sent to VVC premieres in like...2012? And then the source file got corrupted and I rage quit Supernatural and I think I ended up sending a mindy project vid that year.  ANYWAY,  I guess I'm glad I waited since I would not have been able to make this video 6 years ago. I've learned a lot -- look at me: growth. 

Video #6

Title: New Rules
Made with: [personal profile] kiki_miserychic 
Artist: Dua Lipa
Fandom: Supernatural
Category: Dean/Castiel
Summary: If you're under him, you ain't getting over him

Does what it says on the tin.  Honestly, we just wanted to dance at Club Vivid to this song and scream at Dean Winchester for being a truly awful boyfriend. Cas has terrible taste in romantic interests, but it's not changing anytime soon. 

Video #7

Title: Buffalo Stance
Made with: [personal profile] luminosity 
Artist: Neneh Cherry
Fandom: American Gods
Category: ????
Summary: Fuck God and Cum Hard  OR   Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

I've been screaming at Ian for years about this song and then lamenting loudly about how I wanted to vid it but what fandom and finally [personal profile] sweetestdrain said "American Gods" and I shut the fuck up and grabbed Lum and then this happened and honestly it might be one of the best things I've ever done (not her of course, but for me? easy)

Lum posted about it here

Video #8

Title: Man on the Moon
Made with: [personal profile] sweetestdrain 
Artist: REM
Fandom: Supernatural
Category: Team Kill Lucifer (Sam Winchester POV)
Summary: "Time is a flat circle" -the Archangel Gabriel, probably

So like when I went to see what vid was next and I saw it was Man on the Moon I actually said "awwww" out loud.  Sweetestdrain and I took a lot of road trips this year.  Vidders come up with vid ideas during road trips.  I made 4 videos for VVC last year and every single one of them was because I took a road trip.  

I always liked Sam but when I fell back into the trash heap, I was kinda like "haha poor Sam has nothing to do but to be upset at how dumb his brother is" and that was fine. It was a good life. But then something happened on the show and we spent a full week yelling about SAM! BEING! COMPELLING!  We made this video for the Full Circle Challenge Show. 

Video #9

Title: Stand Back
Artist: Stevie Nicks
Fandom: Supernatural
Category: Dean/Castiel; AU
Summary: No man came

Also made for the Full Circle Challenge show (and the last of the SPN VVC vids, I promise) this video is an attempt and I honestly don't think it was successful but AT LEAST I TRIED, right?? One night we were screening old 80s videos (like ya do) and got hung up on Stand Back, which I have loved since a small child. I mean, it's Little Red Corvette but with Stevie Nicks, if that doesn't do it for you then we possibly have nothing in common.  

ANYWAY [personal profile] sweetestdrain  said  "This is Dean Winchester," and I laughed. But then I started to feel it. And then I started the video and the concept came to me -- what if Dean's still in hell? What if Castiel never rescued him? What if Castiel doesn't even exist? What if the last decade has just been Alastair breaking Dean.  What if he tempts Dean with this divine idea of a fucking angel that is in love with him? And in the illusion Dean can't even allow himself to have that -- he pushes it all away and then that fucking Angel dies and THAT is when Alastair allows him to see the truth: There is No Cas. No one could love you like that. No one is coming. 

I got so much help from the usual suspects and vidding slack and I tried really hard to not be subtle but I don't think the concept came through in the end.  At some point you might just be asking way too much of your audience - it's a discussion I would love to have. 

Video #10

Title: Finesse
Artist: Bruno Mars feat Cardi B
Fandom: A Different World
Category: Dwayne Wayne/Whitley Gilbert
Summary: Don't we look good together

I have wanted to make a Whitley/Dwayne video for such a long time (26 years maybe??) but getting source was a major issue. Then I found out that the series was streaming and I went out old school style and I captured some fucking clips. This video makes me happy in that it exists and that maybe more people can be introduced to the amazing that is this show and pairing.  I decided to end the video at  graduation and not go into later seasons, not because I don't long to vid the "baby, please" interrupted wedding because OMG I DO, but the vid wasn't about that.  Just means I'll have to make another video which is no hardship for me. 

Also reboot this show! 

I'm gonna stop here at the halfway point - if you read this far, wow! I'm impressed.  I have a lot more thoughts about creativity bursts and collaborations and how the ways we interact create this compounding effect and connecting with other fans is what can drive even creativity but it is late and I'm tired and I still have to remember how to do an LJ cut for this long ass post.  
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I have so many thoughts about the last ep of Supernatural and I realized I could just post them here old school style but then I realized I would have to figure out the name of the episode and what number it was and use a cut tag and I calmed myself right on down.

This could probably even be a tweet. Sigh.
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So welcome back to this blogging platform. If you got linked up with me by accident and are wondering how in the world you know me or whatever here is my fannish CV:
1. I am a vidder* and pretty much only that when it comes to created content. I never write fic unless it is a Nightmare on Elm Street crossover or fusion.
2. I was first a fannish lurker in The X-Files and later moved into Buffy and Angel where I actually learned how to speak with people and made life long friends. Seriously - my best friends I met in Buffy fandom.
3. I’m multifannish and it is more of a feature than a bug. I am also extremely... if I like something I really really like it. I’m still vidding Smallville. I’m actually vidding Smallville right this second.
4. I’m ridiculously easy to talk into something. Like all you have to do is hit 3 different points and I will watch your media and probably get way into it or agree to collaborate on your project
5. I’m In the midst of an insane creative cycle - I’ve been vidding since 2002 and this year I’ve made more vids than any year ever. When I think about I hear this voice in my head say “Will it ever stop?” And I have to respond, “Yo, I don’t know. Turn out the lights and I glow. To the extreme I rock the mike like a vandal light up a stage I wax a chump like a candle.” Then I have to forcibly stop myself because I want to say “Dance” next but that way lies madness and permanent ear worm. I go through this about 4 times a day on average, so it’s like - sorta weird up in here
6. I never joke about vids. I sometimes think I am joking but then when it is too late I realize that I just played myself and now I have a 30 minute DeanCas vid to Toto. For example.
7. I am painfully and earnestly sincere. I try to do irony and it ends up just being embarrassing. I thought I was supposed to be a good borderline Gen Xer and be cynical but I am actually such a good Gen Xer that I slacked on that because it’s just easier to not. I am sometimes amazed and aghast and amazed at how other people can wield ironic distance.
8. I’ve never met a sentence I couldn’t make into a run on. I say “so” and “really” and “like” way too much when I write and I’m weirdly self conscious about that and it will cause me not to post for like...a decade or so. Twitter has been really helpful in at least getting me to talk in fannish public spaces again.
9. So what have you been doing? Tell me everything!

*vidding as defined by what I do is basically clips to music. Like, there is a lot more than that simplistic take but if someone is new here and you want to talk about edits versus vids and share and learn and grow... that would be super cool.
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Oh hey there, I didn't see you come in. I'm just setting things up here, trying to make the place look more lived in and whatnot. It's been a long time since I've done this, dear vidder. Be gentle.

Request: Anne with an E (TV)

Summary: I love attachment issues Anne!!! Gritty! Periods! Rachel and Marilla are still the BEST! If you want to vid Gritty Anne to The Hip, I GET IT! SO DO THE CREATORS OF THIS SHOW! Indulge yourself, dear vidder, and you will indulge me.

Request: The Handmaid's Tale (TV)

Summary: Make me sad and scared and do what needs to be done with the source (so I don't have to). Make the vid with all the warnings and catharsis the hell out of this source, because I really, really don't want to do that but if left alone in the house with this show for much longer, I will.

Request: 아가씨 | The Handmaiden (2016)

Summary: TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything I say is a spoiler so just make me a vid so we don't have to talk about it! Also, I didn't even pick this source as a safety, even though it is, because it just doesn't feel safe. AS IT SHOULDN'T!

Request:True Blood

Summary: I'd love a Lafayette vid, as I am sad and I know you are too, and we need a vid for Lafayette. If that isn't possible, anything completely insane is always appreciated by me and I won't ever turn down a bit of Bill/Eric.

Request: 커피프린스 1호점 | Coffee Prince


Request: Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)

Summary: Give me Keanu being menaced/seduced and I'll die happy. If that isn't possible go for crazy broke with the source. I tried to pick a safety that is bonkers enough to work both with and against the entire Roxette discography, because I care about you, dear vidder. You are welcome.

Request:  Anne of Green Gables (TV 1985)

Summary: Listen I love the new Gritty Anne, but this Gilbert Blythe is basically supposed to be my husband so justify my love. Maybe not to "Justify My Love" or maybe to? I will not tell you how to live, dear vidder.  If you are unable to  create a Gilbert Blythe vid (and I haven't been able to either, so I get it) then again Marilla and Rachel are the BEST and Anne is pretty great as well and you know how I feel because you probably feel it as well if we matched. 

Well, that pretty much sums up my requests, dear vidder.  I am so pleased you are here and thank you so much for matching with me.  If this is the first time you have been exposed to me, I apologize for my abuse of the capslock and the exclamation point but I feel the point needs to be made: I am exactly like this. Oops? 

For anyone else that might be reading, HEY! I MISSED YOU! HOW ARE YOU? How's the family? What's new with you? It's been a minute, hasn't it?  I'm gonna miss seeing you this year at Vividcon, but oh, life. It's bigger, ya know? Have fun and I promise I'm there next year. 

Treats are always appreciated and loved upon, if the mood ever strikes.  

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Oh wow, how far we have come, dear Festividder. How far we have come. And yet, look at how much we still have to go. I am feeling philosophic, dear Festividder, and I suppose you are as well. In fact, this is probably why we matched: Deep Thoughts. I know I has them and I know you has them, too. Or something.

Dear Festividder, can I confess something to you? I have not slept. Well, much. At all. In weeks. I have forgotten how to even structure a proper sentence, dear Festividder. I suppose that is untrue because even while raving from the depths of sleep deprivation, I still can recall that Mr. Morton is the subject of my sentence and what the predicate says, he does. I think. Possibly.

Who the fuck is Mr. Morton?

Dear Festividder, it is at this time that I feel pressure to be charming and somewhat entertaining and funny so that you will be charmed, entertained and happy about being matched with me and not freaking the fuck out about what fresh hell the match process has wrought upon you. Oh, no - please don't be scared dear Festividder. I am not a scary person at all. I am a pile of nonthreatening goo - goo which has a nostalgic streak a billion miles wide and a tendency to over-share and romanticize the 90s. Also the 80s. The 70s were not that bad, come to think of it.

I am also way old.

My likes far exceed my dislikes. I tend to love the shit I love unconditionally and without irony.  I still don't understand how people like things ironically. I thought for a minute that maybe I liked Britney Spears ironically but then I realized that no, I don't, because I LOVE Brit-Brit so much and people really need to stop talking shit about her, dear Festividder. Do you feel the same? It is okay if you do not. Just know that when I say I pretty much love ALL music, I truly fucking mean it.

Except for Wilco. Jeff Tweedy can go fuck himself. I hate Wilco so much that I won't even listen to the Mavis Staple collaboration and I LOVE Mavis muchly. Just. Ugh. Wilco.

What else do I hate? Lima beans? Christian Bale? None of these things should come up, but just in case...

OH! I am not a fan of subtlety in vids. I kind of believe deeply that if you have 3 minutes to make a point, while you can make that point repeatedly in differing and interesting ways, the sledgehammer approach works best.

This is all to say, dear, kind, amazing Festividder, that almost anything you can do with the sources listed below will delight and please me. Any music you use will be loved and cherished. Unless Jeff Tweedy is involved. Just. OMG IF JEFF TWEEDY IS ASSIGNED AS MY FESTIVIDDER, HE SHOULD JUST DEFAULT RIGHT NOW. Yes, Jeff Tweedy, I am now talking to you. Directly to you, you, you, you PERSON WHO I DO NOT LIKE. YOU DO NOT MAKE ME A VID, JEFF TWEEDY. YOU DO NOT BECAUSE I WILL NOT BE WON BACK OVER SO EASILY.

If, however, dear Festividder, your name is Jay Farrar - welcome. It is lovely to have you and welcome to my journal.

I am so very very tired dear Festividder. So very tired and apparently the wounds of Uncle Tupelo run deep and fresh.

On to the requests!

Purple Rain )

21 Jump Street (movie) )


Strange Days )

Gravity Falls )

Moonlighting )

The Bionic Woman (1976) )

Luther )

*who is positively not Jeff Tweedy.

Have I mentioned how I feel about Wilco? Because I want to be clear. Also, again - lima beans, Christian Bale, and subtlety. Those are like the ONLY things I do not like. I have friends who can verify. 
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Lucky You
by The National
You own me

You can download the xvid here

Tumbr link here


I've had POI marked as a fandom to watch every since [ profile] sockkpuppett started talking about it but I kept back-burnering it because it seemed really involved and I just didn't have any extra mental capacity for something that wasn't "Scandal."  I did vid review at VVC this year and when I received [ profile] astolat 's phenomenal "When I Ruled the World" vid, that was it. All she wrote. Done. For future reference if you want me in a fandom? Make a dual pov slash vid. They are my catnip (which is interesting because I *rarely* make them).

Anyway, massive thanks to Luminosity for handholding as I watched every single episode (yeah, she rewatched so I had someone to fling emotions at) and also for helping me hash out if this vid was finished or was done or if it was actually done, done. I had even more beta help in the form of [ profile] fan_eunice who really helped make this vid much more coherent, and [ profile] sweetestdrain who was my Doesn't Watch the Show Beta, which quickly devolved into Drunk-Out-of-Context Beta and who probably gave me the greatest piece of feedback ever when she said  "I SUCK AND YOU'RE PERFECT AND YOUR HAIR HAS SECRETS!"**

That's it. That's the show.

**ETA: she was giving me her read on the vid, not her read on me. I don't think. My hair is actually pretty much an open book. 
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Made with [ profile] sweetestdrain for the Vividcon Amnesty Challenge. The actual theme we used was "self portrait" but many other themes (particularly "fuck you") were also appropriate.

Song by Macy Gray

This is my gimmick

You can download the vid here.

AO3 link is here.

Tumblr -ing along at this link.

List of Fandom Sources in Order of Appearance: )
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Victory Dance
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Song: My Morning Jacket
My good work.

This vid was my vvc premiere. You can stream it here.

Or Download it here

AO3 Link is here.

Also as seen on tumblr!
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I am posting a vid and it isn't a Vividcon vid or a Festivid. I can't believe it either. I'm probably slacking on schoolwork.

song by The New Pornographers
These things get louder.

Beta thanks go to [ profile] sweetestdrain. Anything you like, she probably told me to make it that way. Anything that you don't, she probably told me to change.

You can download the 54 mb xvid here
(right click the link).
Or stream it from a series of TUBES!

Feedback is loved like Stiles loves Scott.
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So. Yeah. Keeping this vid a secret from [ profile] greensilver has been interesting.

Let's get down to the vid itself and then I'll explain myself.

Vid: Coeur D'aline
Artists: The Head and the Heart
Fandom: You're Beautiful
You have Tae Kyung's permission to love him.

Soooo, You're Beautiful is a wonderful tale about a nun-in-training who runs away from her convent to join a boy band. It is available hulu+ and netflix streaming and many other various streaming websites. You should all watch it. Seriously. Not just because it will make greensilver happy but because it will bring you joy.

Download the xvid here

Streaming is Here:

So now Imma cut for the devious shit )
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So, um...surprise?

Seriously, how did only one person correctly guess me for this vid? There were cat heads pasted on strippers. I practically signed my name. Also, why the cat-headed-strippers? Ask [ profile] dualbunny. She knows what she did.

Anyway - on to the vid. This is the Official, non-cat-strippers, version of the video. Availability of the Catacular Edition will hinge upon [ profile] dualbunny as most of the mammals that reside in her household show up in that version. And make it rain. Oh yes.


Wild One
Song by Flo Rida and Sia
Fandom: Channing Tatum RPF (and dualbunny's brain).

You can download the hugeass xvid here

Or stream it here:
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Dear Festividder,

YAY!!!! I pretty much told you everything about all of this in my request thingy so feel free to ignore this letter. I'm mostly posting this here because a Dear Festividder Letter is tradition at this point and without one it is impossible to get treats and all and because filling out the request thingy made me all nostalgic for prom, even though I think I am more nostalgic about Molly Ringwald's proms than my own. Except for the one where she was pregnant. All of my proms were waaaay better than that one.

Okay, so musical tastes. I have no real preference. Seriously. My likes are alllll over the map, and the few dislikes that I hold tight right at this moment? Are set to change and become likes without warning. I voluntarily listen to Celine now, is all I am saying. I still kinda feel it is too soon for Whitney or Amy Winehouse, but you know, I am willing to eat those words if you feel a masterpiece is at hand.

I only requested six things this year. I almost went to eight, mostly because I wanted to explore the Prom theme further (but I don't think this is the year for me to go full out on Prom, so recognize I am just using it as the thing that grabbed onto my brain when I filled out the form and not some weird Prom-Fetish that you must now fulfill or I will cry hot tears of denial. Seriously, I'm just being twee with it, bear with me). I was also tempted to ask for a few more requests in order to pad the Patron Saint of Festivids* odds more towards my chosen candidate. Except, doing that? Feels like cheating. Ahem.

These six things are all things that I really really love. I really really want vids in these fandoms. I'm not particularly picky about what you focus on or the type of vid you wish to do for any of these fandoms. Want to make a broad comedy vid? Go for it. Want to make a super-serious "Everyone Dies and I'll Be Alone" vid? Fantastic. If you are drawn to make a vid or have an idea for any of the below fandoms? I want to see it. 

Cutting for 21 Jump Street, Carrie, Halloween Movie Series, The Incredible Hulk, Moonlighting, Save the Last Dance )
So, there it is - my 2012 requests. Please don't run away. 

*Past Patron Saints:
2009 Bruce Willis
2010 Patrick Swayze
2011 Morgan Freeman
2012 ?????????????
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So, after much soul searching and thought (which actually means I sat around all day and trawled through IMDB), I finally have my nomination list down to 20. It's short on Westerns, but what with Clint Eastwood yelling at chairs and whatnot, I think I'm gonna hafta be okay with that. I think really good and interesting vids could made from this list, so I'm satisfied. I might lose "Jaws" and replace it with "Living Single" because I want there to be a Max/Khadijah vid somewhere in this world. 

21 Jump Street-2012
Bionic Woman -1976
Incred Hulk -1978
A Different World - 1987
Moonlighting -1985
Save the Last Dance - 2001
Hatfields & McCoys - 2012
Children of the Corn - 1984
Carrie - 1976
Jaws Series
First Blood Series
Halloween Film Series -1978
The African Queen - 1951
Space Camp - 1986
Romancing the Stone Film/Jewel of the Nile
Fallen - 1998
Bandits -2001
Out of Sight - 1998
Set It Off - 1996
Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea
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Here is my premiering vid from VVC this year

Source: Iron Man I and II
Tony/Pepper and Tony/Rhodey
made for: [ profile] greensilver

I'm in the habit of having what I don't want

Download the 30mb xvid here or watch it on youtube! Or both! Go crazy - it's gonna be your birthday someday!

Feedback will be treated like Tony treats his friends. Wait, no! Better than that!

I also helped make an Incredible Hulk challenge vid this year, and I'll post a link to that as soon  as it is up. Vividcon was wonderful and exhausting and I will post a recs list as soon as I figure out how to organize my thoughts to do so.
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